Our History

The roots of Christ Church PCA go back to 1982 when Grace Presbyterian Church in Laconia was planted in New Hampshire. Our Laconia brothers and sisters had the vision to be active in planting more reformed churches in New England and Concord was a logical choice.  In October of 1995, Pastor Doug Domin was called by the members of Grace Presbyterian Church to start a church in Concord that would be Scriptural and true to the Reformed Faith.  The church first met informally for evening worship at the Bow Community Baptist Church two Sundays a month in the summer of 1996. In 1996, Christ Church began meeting for Sunday morning worship at Concord High School and in May of 1997 began meeting at the Concord Community Music School.  Christ Church then moved from a rented location on Loudon Road in Concord to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Concord. Since 2014 we have been meeting in our newly renovated building in Pembroke, NH, just across the Concord city line.